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The Future of Dentistry with 3D design and manufacture of dental restorations. 

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We use Cad/Cam (Computer aided design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) of Dental Crowns. 

Most Crowns can be done in one visit and is a very comfortable procedure compared to the traditional process where silicone impressions are taken and the crown is placed at a later appointment.

We've invested in state of the art equipment to make your appointment quick, comfortable and we can offer this at the same price as conventional crowns.

Our crowns are custom made for your tooth. It is not a one size fits all that is made to fit into your existing bite.  

We use only top brand porcelain/ceramic blocks for our crowns.  Therefore we can offer a 5 year guarantee on materials. 

Feel free to come and ask us about our crowns, or contact us for a brochure. 

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